At JCC Electrical Energy Services our team successfully completed a large solar panel installation project at Hatters Home & Style in Bedford. The project involved the installation of a 660-panel PV system, consisting of four 44 Kwh 3 Phase Solis Inverters. JCC partnered with our friends over at Solar East Anglia to execute this project, leveraging our collective expertise and resources to deliver a professional and quality service.

Here is an overview of the project:

Solar System Specifications:

The installed system had a capacity of 250KW, utilising a total of 660 solar panels.

Each panel had a power rating of 410 watts, contributing to the overall power generation of the system.

Inverter Configuration:

Four 44 Kwh 3 Phase Solis Inverters were installed as part of the system. These inverters convert the DC power generated by the solar panels into AC power suitable for use in the commercial property.

East-West System Orientation:

The solar panel system was designed in an East-West configuration, optimising sun exposure on each part of the roof throughout the day as the sun moved across the sky.

This orientation maximises the solar energy captured by the system, enhancing its overall efficiency and power generation capacity.

Payback Period:

The projected payback period for this system was just over 4 years. This means that the energy cost savings achieved through the solar panel installation are expected to cover the initial investment within that time frame.

Installation Duration:

The entire installation process took a little over 3 weeks to complete. This timeframe includes all the necessary activities, such as panel mounting, wiring, inverter installation and system testing.

The successful completion of this large solar panel installation project at this commercial property has provided an environmentally sustainable and cost-effective energy solution. The 250KW system, comprising 660 panels and utilising 44 Kwh 3 Phase Solis Inverters, ensures efficient power generation. The East-West system orientation optimises sun exposure, harnessing the maximum available solar energy throughout the day. With an estimated payback period of just over 4 years, the solar panel system offers substantial long-term energy cost savings for the client.

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