We visited Tooting High Street recently to carry out a solar panel and inverter installation project at two flats. The purpose of this installation was to meet the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ratings required by Wandsworth Council. The project involved the installation of two solar PV systems with a smart inverter, as well as other necessary components. Here is an overview of the project:

Solar PV Systems and Smart Inverter:

JCC installed two 1.8 kW solar PV systems, each equipped with a 2.1 kW smart inverter. These systems are designed to harness solar energy and convert it into usable electricity for the flats.

Flat Roof Mounting System:

A Van De Valk flat roof system was installed to securely mount the solar panels on the flat roof. Ballast white was used to tie down the solar panels, ensuring their stability and longevity.

Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) and Consumer Units:

Two SPDs were installed as part of the system to protect the electrical equipment from power surges and ensure their safe operation. Consumer units were installed to backfeed electricity generated by the solar panels to both properties. This enables the flats to utilise the solar energy for their electrical needs.

Generation Meters:

Two generation meters were installed to monitor and measure the electricity generation from the solar panels. These meters provide accurate data on the energy produced, helping track the system’s performance. By installing the solar panel and inverter system, JCC Electrical Energy Systems  help the property owners successfully address the EPC rating requirements. The 1.8 kW solar PV systems, coupled with the 2.1 kW smart inverter, ensure efficient conversion of solar energy into usable electricity. The Van De Valk flat roof mounting system, along with the ballast white, provides a robust and secure installation for long-term performance. With the addition of SPDs, consumer units and generation meters, our professional solar panel installers ensured the necessary measures were in place for the safe operation and effective utilisation of the solar energy generated by the system. The solar panel installation helps reduce the properties’ reliance on traditional energy sources, contributing to environmental sustainability and potentially lowering electricity costs for the flats.

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